Han Chao Taste of Asia West Calgary Restaurant Review

Han Chao Taste of Asia Restaurant Review

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When it comes to Asian cuisine in West Calgary, there are few places that do it better than Han Chao Taste of Asia. Located in the Aspen Landing shopping centre, this restaurant is one of the best Chinese / Thai / Vietnamese fusion restaurants I’ve been to – ever!

The next time you’re in West Calgary and are looking for some delicious Asian cuisine, we highly recommend visiting Han Chao! Here’s our full restaurant review for this awesome restaurant!

Ratings / Score

Atmosphere – 9.0 / 10.0

Service – 5.0 / 10.0

Food – 9.5 / 10.0

Cost – 8.0 / 10.0

Overall – 7.88 / 10.0

*10 rated as best


Atmosphere & Service

Inside of Han Chao you’ll find an atypical floor plan which has a back kitchen surrounded by a perimeter of seats. The nice thing about this seating plan is that you’ll never really be eating beside more than one table, giving a good level of privacy for conversations.

On this lunch occasion, Han Chao had only one person serving at 11:30am just when it started to get busy for lunch. The service lacked up until another server arrived at noon, but even then, it still was spotty in the sense that our requests for drink refills were forgotten about as well as the food took quite a while (30+ mins) to come out.

I understand that restaurants can get busy, but to have yours staffed with just one server when you are a popular / highly-rated restaurant during the lunch rush isn’t the best idea! I am sure this was just a one-time thing, but it wasn’t the best experience from a service viewpoint.

This won’t deter me from going back however because the food is that good and I am sure the service will be better next time!

Our Orders

Red Curry – Lunch Order – $12.95 – creamy, spicy red curry made with coconut milk, served with steamed rice or coconut rice, vegetables and your choice of one of the following: chicken, beef, pork or prawns

We chose coconut rice and beef for this red curry dish. The curry itself had a deliciously sweet, medium-spicy taste that blended seamlessly with the vegetables and beef. The vegetables were sliced into bite-size pieces and steamed fresh to boot.

We both agreed that prawns would most likely also go well with the red curry. We highly recommend the beef, however. This dish is great for sharing as it comes on one plate and with a spoon.

Yellow Curry – Lunch Order – $12.95 – creamy, spicy yellow curry made with coconut milk, served with steamed rice or coconut rice, vegetables and your choice of one of the following: chicken, beef, pork or prawns

We also chose coconut rice but chicken instead of beef for this dish. The curry wasn’t so spicy as it was sweet with hints of turmeric and cumin. Compared to the red curry, it was more rich and sweet in flavour rather than spicy.

We felt chicken was the perfect meat for this dish as the mild spice flavours seemed to infuse rather well with the perfectly cooked meat. We also recommend this dish for sharing between each other. That way you get to experience multiple tastes all at one sitting!

Final Word

Overall, we really enjoyed the curry dishes we ordered at Han Chao Taste of Asia in Aspen Landing. We are very excited to go back and try all the other Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes we saw on their menu that had us thinking twice about ordering the curries.

Han Chao Taste of Asia

  • Address – 108 – 306 Aspen Glen Landing SW
  • Phone Number – 403-282-8799

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